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Our Mission
The foundation of the company is based on the theory that people should come together to make the world a better place, even in business, rather than gouge out the eye of their fellow man just for a few extra dollars. Story's Ink is dedicated to better business practices, the lowest prices possible, and serving its fellow man. To that end, we frequently donate our services to registered charities and members of certain groups, such as foster children and the terminally ill. Feel free to send us an email to request a donation of services.

Our Staff

Janettee McCrary, Owner

Janettee McCrary has been using Microsoft Office for document creation since the age of twelve, and took a course that focused on Microsoft Office products while attending Vatterott College. She is MOS certified in Word and familiarizes herself with each new suite of Microsoft Office products as it comes out. She is very adept at Access, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, Powerpoint, Publisher, and Word.

Janettee is the author of several poems, essays, short stories, blogs, and articles, and currently writes for The Examiner and Glass Hat Magazine. Her writing prowess started as a small child writing poetry, essays, and short stories, both for school assignments and to cope with her life as a foster child. She is a frequent guest on foster care blogs, and is currently writing her autobiography.

Janettee also began her photographic artistry at the age of twelve, with a small point-and-shoot camera. A small-town country girl from Collinsville, Oklahoma, her first subjects were farm animals and nature.  She has also gained a great deal of her event and pet photography experience through donating her services to the animal rescue community.

In 2002, Janettee began designing websites via Yahoo Geocities. She has since moved on from WYSIWYG sites and self-taught herself HTML, XML, and CSS. She has utilized Google to learn new techniques, and is always improving her knowledge in this field.

Janettee's social media journey began in 2006 when she joined Myspace. Since then, Janettee has familiarized herself with every new social network, including Facebook, Google+, Ning, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many, many more. Janettee has a reputation for being the go-to person for all social media needs, and frequently assists nonprofits and businesses with their marketing efforts via social media.

Janettee now lives in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma with her wonderful husband, Nathan and two extremely spoiled rescued cats, Pantera and Chilly.

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