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Blog posts September 2009

Google Voice: Awesome!

If you have visited my website at all, you've seen an icon with a phone and the G for Google, but may not have known what it is. I'm not surprised, as I've discovered several people who haven't yet heard of Google Voice. What it is, is a calling widget. Yes, you heard me right... It CALLS from the w…

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Google Wave: Can't Wait!

As some of you know, I've always loved the internet. About two years ago, when I started dating the man who is now my husband, who builds computers, I went from being just somewhat interested in the internet to becoming somewhat of an IT geek. One of my new obsessions has become seeking, and trying …

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Eric & Erin's Wedding

I arrived at 9:40am so that I could get video of the bride arriving. I had only met the family the day before, during the rehearsal, so I did not know as much about the bride as I should have. A couple of the groomsmen arrived and I asked if they know what car she would be driving. While waiting for…

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