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Fairy Ball On Paseo

Dancers inside a window display at the 2012 Fairy Ball on Paseo.
We were able to attend a beautiful, unique, and inspiring event this evening; The Fairy Ball On Paseo. This event, designed for children, was perfect for all ages! We saw boys and men in all sorts of creative costumes, from Darth Vader to Día de los Muertos costumes. We saw girls and women in costumes just as creative - fairies, princesses, bugs, sprites... There were even several dogs in the mix!

It seemed we didn't have enough time to photograph all of the amazingly detailed and beautiful costumes, but we captured quite a few. We will upload the photos as soon as they're ready to share.

Also, this is our first event representing Glass Hat Magazine. Please look for our photos and article in the October issue due out the first of October.

Update: September 25, 2012
You can now view our photos. Here is the photo album.

Update: October 7, 2012
Here's the October issue of Glass Hat Magazine for your reading pleasure! The Fairy Ball is on pages 44-51. If your photo was featured in the magazine, please note we cannot release the images to you for 30 days because of licensing agreements with the magazine.

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