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Elizabeth's Portrait Session

Benjamin's First Birthday Cake Session

Javier's First Birthday Cake Session

Austin, Jennifer, and Lexi's Family Portrait Session

Bessie and Domino's Portrait Session

Brianna's Portrait Session

Josh and Brianna's Engagement Portraits

Steven, Jazmin, Chris, and Annie's Family Portrait Session #2

Gigi, Chloe, Scooter, and Jenny's Portrait Session

Steven, Jazmin, Chris, and Annie's Family Portrait Session #1

Silverio and Jacquiline's Portrait Session

Josh's Portrait Session

Tierra, Isaiah, and Kamille's Family Portrait Session

Nathan's Portrait Session

Kacie's Portrait Session

My younger sister came to visit for a few days. We went all over the City.
While sight-seeing, we had a lot of fun taking photographs. Here are some of them!

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Chloe's Portrait Session

Today I got to practice on my mother-in-law's new puppy, Chloe. She's still pretty little... BUT she has LOTS of energy. She was a bit harder than my other pets were. These are the unedited versions.

While I was there, Maxamillion decided to play. He had a cute jester costume so I took some of him, t…

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O'Malley's Portrait Session

Natosha and Gracie's Family Portrait Session #2

Today I had my first official session. I've taken a lot of photos for friends and family, but this is my first "professional" session. My sister and brother-in-law came down to visit. We photographed my niece in my backyard, then we went to Bricktown and took even more photographs. In two days, we e…

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Natosha and Gracie's Family Portrait Session #1

Today was my niece's birthday party. I had not seen my sister and brother-in-law since their marriage in 2003. Therefore, I had not met my niece, who was born the next year. So of course, I had to get some photographs of all of them! Here are some of my favorites.

And here's one of her with my sister…

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Ravon's Portrait Session

Today, I took a photograph of my roommate, who is a musician, for his Myspace page. I think it turned out pretty good!

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