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Eric & Erin's Wedding

I arrived at 9:40am so that I could get video of the bride arriving. I had only met the family the day before, during the rehearsal, so I did not know as much about the bride as I should have. A couple of the groomsmen arrived and I asked if they know what car she would be driving. While waiting for the described car (and not knowing which entrance she would use), her mother arrived, and let me know that the salon had run late and the bride would be late. I went inside to wait and get some extra shots in. Her mother told me she was on her way, and which entrance she would probably use. I went outside to wait, and unfortunately... I missed her entrance! She didn't bring her car, and they used another entrance! The rest of the day, I made sure I didn't miss one single shot. I took lots of video of the bride and bridesmaids getting ready, the flower girls, the setup of the chapel, and guests arriving. I also videotaped guests signing the guestbook, the entire ceremony, the cutting of the cakes, the bouquet toss, the garter toss, the first dance, the Mother/Son Dance, the Father/Daughter dance, some interviews, the dancing at the reception, and the Bride and Groom leaving. My favorite parts to videotape were the dancing at the reception, interviewing the bride and her mother, and the video of the flower girls. I got a LOT of great video and I can't wait to begin editing it to see what my creative side makes out of it:) I really enjoyed working at this wedding, it was a beautiful wedding, and everyone there was so nice, and so... wholesome, I guess, is the word. A pleasure to work with:) Like people back home in Collinsville, OK, which you have probably never heard of, lol. In any case, the bride, groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen, mother of the bride, flower girls, and several guests provided me with a large amount of great footage, mostly on the dance floor. I also got some sweet moments in the Bride's dressing room.

***Update October 19, 2009***
I have finally finished editing the video.

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