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Editing Pictures? Use Picnik!

I found Picnik a few months ago, but hadn't really gotten into it. I really didn't know all of the things you could do until tonight. I have been unable to edit my photographs after losing my software due to a computer crash a few months ago. As I'm saving up to purchase some new software, I've been using free versions, but found most of them to be rather limited. I'll admit, the free version of Picnik isn't really as functional as a trial version of Adobe Photoshop Elements, but since that only lasts a short time, and I'm tired of downloading and re-downloading until I can afford the new software... I decided to see what Picnik could do, as it was the best free version I found. Tonight, I was pleasantly surprised! Now, keep in mind that the "Premium" (paid) version offers quite a bit more than the free version. And I know you are thinking that's too expensive for you... But here's the thing: as of tonight, the banner on the upgrade page says it is only $25 for a YEAR! That is VERY reasonable for a paid web service, especially if you are using it in a business, like me. And it is so similar to Adobe Photoshop Elements that it is worth it to me. Here are a couple of the photographs I played with using Picnik, so you can see for yourself some of the things you can do. These were all created using the free version.

This is the "sample" photograph Picnik supplied.

Here is that photograph using several of their "Halloween" tools. They have a great deal of seasonal tools for you to choose from:) I don't mean cheesy stickers, although they have that, too... I mean actual effects that change things like eye color and skin color/texture.

Here's a generic photo that I think came with my computer:

 And here is what Picnik helped me do to it:

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